The Myths and Truths about Buying Social Media Followers


Tips that most influencers don’t want you to know!

So, there is a serious belief in the Social Media market that buying followers is a place you shouldn’t go.  It has become a taboo. Some people fear that their dear social media accounts will be banned from their platforms.

The latter is not a myth at all.  

Being caught accumulating fake views, followers or likes, is penalized by most, if not all, social media platforms.

However, there is a way for you to capitalize on the resources available on the market to expand your horizons on the social media scene.  

But first, you need to do your homework and do it right.

You can get all the followers you need, but you need to know where to go first.

There are three types of agencies that can help you get all the followers you need.  It all depends on what you are really looking for and what kind of work you are willing to do.

First, there are the simplest and cheapest agencies.  They give you instant followers, no organic growth and no engagement.  They guarantee their work because there is really nothing that they have to do.

Second, you have some more sophisticated agencies.  They promise to give you organic growth at very high fees.  However, they do not guarantee what they offer, they can only guarantee that you will pay dearly.

Finally, there are services like the ones IGetFamous provides.  You get all real followers, they are dirt cheap, and it is guaranteed that you will get what you paid for.

But, is buying followers the only thing you need to do?

If you want your social media accounts to really work, you need a combination of hard work and the help you get when you buy followers, views or likes.  It is a simple formula that, if applied right, can work wonders for you.

Buying followers is a quick way to be seen all across the internet.  But you need to make sure that engaging with your followers is more than just a word you get acquainted with.  You need to make sure that you are there, interacting with those that think your ideas are genius.

Celebrities and influencers do it all the time.

That’s why you need to choose the best agency in the social media market.  Services as the ones IGetFamous can provide, through its amazing algorithm, can give you the edge that you need to grow your community and become an influencer yourself. 

Once you get the followers that you want, you will be able to concentrate on the engagement that you need.  It will work like a domino effect. When your following increases and people see that this is happening, it will bring more public your way.

Having more followers will guarantee notoriety, credibility, and engagement.  Now you just need to complement it with organic work. Taking care of your social media will be all you need to do and with IGetFamous you will have more than half of the battle won.

Jared Harman