From left to right: Jared Harman, Ryan Moreno and Matt Borck

From left to right: Jared Harman, Ryan Moreno and Matt Borck

Monday, March 4, 2019 (South Surrey) – A successful entrepreneur, a renowned photographer and a veteran business development professional finally come together to form a new power house marketing agency. Founding partners Ryan Moreno, Matt Borck and Jared Harman are specialists in authentically connecting and engaging with target audiences and now, through Search + Rescue Marketing Agency, can draw on years of experience to help clients build their business, tell their story and connect and build loyal customers.

The agency offers a full suite of marketing services such as brand strategy, website development, digital content creation, social media strategy and execution, as well as e-mail and text message marketing. While the offerings are familiar, the approach and execution are not.

“We are excited to get going and disrupt the landscape a bit,” Moreno, who is also the Co-Founder and CEO of the Joseph Richard Group and will play an active role in strategy and vision. “Our plan is to take what we have seen and learned ourselves and help other businesses achieve their own success.” Despite making a name for himself in the hospitality industry, Moreno actually started in the digital space nearly twelve years ago, launching Global Messaging in 2007 as a platform to market via text message before it was common place. Joseph Richard Group has used that platform since its inception to help build its brand, and its database.

The three have been working together for the past two years within the Joseph Richard Group but have worked together on a variety of other projects dating back as far as eleven years ago. Harman who was the Director of Marketing for the Joseph Richard Group spent the previous eight years prior to that as Director of Business Development for the Langley Events Centre and with the Langley Chiefs Junior A Hockey Club as Director of Marketing before that.

“Working for small budget sports teams gives you some very good insight into what it takes to run a small or medium business,” said Harman, who will act as the Managing Partner for the agency, “our goal is to treat our clients as though we are a part of their team and really be an extension of their operation – taking the same care and providing the same attention to detail that they would expect of themselves to drive their success – but without the challenges of running their own marketing department, instead we provide those resources and expertise.”

Borck adds a level of creativity, experience and artisan that can bring any brand to life. Having been a touring singer, songwriter and artist for years and collaborating with his wife Sara to build Sara Borck Photography, Matt has over fifteen year’s experience photographing and capturing some of the biggest names in the world. He has captured Michelle Obama, Taylor Swift, and Bill Gates (to name just a few) while also having spent time working with the executive teams at Google and Microsoft. With that experience he has built a keen awareness for digital marketing and social media.

“Social media is just that, being social, not just putting out fires. Its understanding your target audience and speaking with them in an authentic and transparent way.” Borck is known as the company’s Creator but is also heavily involved in strategy and social media. “We want to help people find their voice, find their audience and then come alongside them to help them connect with the people they are trying to connect with.”

The goal is to work with any business looking to share their unique story of who they are and what they do with the world. Essentially, Search + Rescue will come alongside and operate as an extension of your brand – which is truly how an agency should be after all!

Every brand has a story to tell, let us help you tell it.
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