Brand + Marketing Strategy

Whether you are starting your business from scratch or just hoping to revitalize your brand strategy, our team will work with you to capture the elements that are most important to you. We will turn those pieces of your business into a functioning brand and digital marketing strategy that can be implemented by your team or executed for you, by us. If you are looking to create a new brand or spice up your current brand, we can help. We will match your goals with a graphic designer from our team who is best suited to take your logo and brand to the next level.

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Case Study: Waterfront Health & Wellness

NEED: Waterfront Health & Wellness was a new regenerative therapy clinic opening across the border in Bellingham and that was looking to create a look and feel that had a medicinal feel but also highlighted the location of the clinic, in the Port of Bellingham.

SOLUTION: To create a name that was representative of the location and a look behind it that felt welcoming and safe. With the website, we wanted to implement a ‘to the point’ strategy where the information was easy to find and understand.

RESULTS: The brand, including website, was launched in June of 2018 after a two-month development process, three weeks ahead of schedule and before open.


Case Study: Blank Canvas Catering Co.

NEED: When Blank Canvas Catering Co. was conceptualized as an arm of the Joseph Richard Group the goal was to identify and create a unique brand that would stand out amongst the competition but also relate to its parent company, the Joseph Richard Group, in an effort to take advantage of JRG’s familiar and popular concept and product offering.

SOLUTION: The concept of Blank Canvas Catering was created with the idea of capitalizing on Joseph Richard Group’s ability to create anything you need or desired for any type of event – a true blank canvas.

RESULTS: Since the business has launched, the catering company has seen over 100% growth month over month while website traffic has increased at a similar rate.

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Case Study: Stong’s

Stong’s is a local grocer most known for their Dunbar location in Vancouver. They recently expanded into North Vancouver and have future growth in mind. They contacted us to perform a market review and explore their current strategies and digital media use.

SOLUTION: We identified the strengths in their current marketing program – e-newsletter, website, online ordering portal – as well as some areas of improvement, specifically related to social media.

RESULTS: Stong’s has gradually implemented the new social media strategy and have seen their engagement online increase by 30% with further implementation and adjustments planned for the coming months.


Case Study: Chapter Estates Wines

NEED: Chapter Estates Wines was getting ready to launch and needed to solidify their brand identity as well as their marketing strategy and launch plan. Before they could do that, they needed to create their logo, website, and social media channels.

SOLUTION: We worked with the Chapter Estates team to create a classic brand identity as well as develop some sub-brands such as Blank Canvas White + Red wine which features a blank label for customers to use to show their own personality by having the space to design or draw on.

RESULTS: The product launch was very successful and Blank Canvas wine has hit the shelves with great traction especially with the customizable labels.

As the company grew, we were able to maintain steady business during peak hours, but we were looking for ways to fill the restaurants during slower times of day as well as provide opportunities for great rewards for our loyal customers who may come once in a while but would consider coming in more. The text message marketing campaigns Search + Rescue implemented tripled our business in some cases during those slower hours.
— George Tachejian, Vice President Operations, Joseph Richard Group