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Listen + Create

We want to work with you to create a brand or strategy that you love. Every step along begins with listening to your needs to make sure we understand what you envision for your business. Together, we’ll take that vision and create a plan to execute it.

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  • + Listen to your needs and insights
  • + Understand your goals
  • + Learn who your competitors are
  • + Research, data and Information gathering
  • + Create new ideas for how to move forward
  • + Develop new print and marketing materials
  • + Identify new digital content opportunities

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Plan & Deploy

Once we’ve heard your needs it is time to develop a plan and work to execute that strategy to help your business meet its goals. Our team can execute your strategy or set you up to do so yourself.

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  • + Determine action steps, methods and roadmap for how to achieve your goals
  • + Establish a timeline and budget
  • + Plan and develop content
  • + Establish creative design and layout
  • + Media buy and distribution
  • + Digital activation

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Manage + Monitor

Now that the plan is in place and your new content is in the market, we will continue to manage your strategy day to day and ensure it is functioning efficiently and achieving the outlined goals.

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  • + Track Performance
  • + Gather data and information
  • + Research and reporting
  • + Research and Data Reporting
  • + Expert analysis of your strategy
  • + Continual optimization and improvements implemented

Search + Rescue Fun Facts

Search + Rescue Ninja.png

We are part-time ninjas

Search + Rescue Applause.png

We won all the participation ribbons in elementary school

Search + Rescue Icecream.png

We consider ice cream to be an acceptable meal replacement

Search + Rescue Dog Bone.png

We let the dogs out