Photography + Videography

Our digital content team has captured some of the most high-profile events in the city over the past decade. Everything from Jay-Z and Beyoncé to Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres. We have worked with every industry, including sports and recreation, retail, hospitality, real estate services, logistics and financial planners. All of our clients are unique, and we will work with you to produce the content that best suites you and your customers.

Muse Social Fashion House

Case Study: Muse Social Fashion House

NEED: Muse Social Fashion in South Surrey has built a tremendous online following for their boutique fashion store but was looking to take their digital game to the next level with some video to show off who, and what, they are all about.

SOLUTION: We devised a strategy to show off the community that Muse has created, both within their staff group and the people who go to their store for advice, just to say hi and of course, to shop!

RESULTS: We arrived on site at 7am and worked with the team there to shoot until 11am and in just over four hours we were able to provide them with seven high definition videos and over 100 high resolution photos all for use on their website or social media.


Case Study: TOFHGYN Table Hockey

NEED: TOFHGYN Table Hockey is a new age, fully customizable hockey table game that takes traditional gaming to the next level adding modern elements such as a video screen, custom chants and music and digital data basing of game results. With the level of intricacy this game presents, the company needed a way to visualize and show what they were offering.

SOLUTION: We set up a mini tournament in the basement of the founders’ house with 10 of his friends and filmed them playing for an evening. The goal was to capture the raw emotion and enjoyment of some buddies playing the game while also highlighting some of the game’s unique features.

RESULTS: What we created was a fast paced, high energy video highlighting all of the elements that make this game special. The energy, the features and most importantly, the fun that was had makes anyone watching wanting to call ‘next’ and get in the game.


Case Study: Ink & Honey Tattoo Shop

Ink & Honey is a local tattoo shop with four incredible artists and a dedicated following, as well as a returning customer base. Having only started utilizing social media to its full potential in the last few years, they were looking to get some great images as well as some video to really highlight their team, their shop, their work and their story.

SOLUTION: We helped them set up their shop on a busy day with a variety of clients and aimed to film their team at work as well as highlight the detail and care they take in each of their customers.

RESULTS: We created a high energy video that featured different clients, different needs and really told Ink & Honey’s story. The video had over 5,000 views and helped grow their digital profile.


Case Study: Basic Detail

NEED: Basic Detail is a local business specializing in door to door service for your vehicle. They come to you to clean your car, inside and out. To date, they had used imagery on social media to highlight there work but wanted to create something special to show the level of service and care they provide.

SOLUTION: We set up a half day shoot to capture Basic Detail cleaning every inch of a large SUV. We wanted to capture the attention to detail they have and the level of care they have for each vehicle they clean.

RESULTS: We were able to turn the shoot into a close up look at their process and what they do as well as provide some great high-resolution images for use on their website.

We wanted to communicate our company story through video but couldn’t find the right company to help us not just film that story but develop it. Matt and Jared made us feel like we were a part of their team and vice versa while we mapped out a shoot and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product.
— Christine Klashinsky, Owner, Muse Social Fashion House