This is Who We Are

Search + Rescue Marketing Agency is a full-suite marketing agency specializing in the strategic development and creation of engaging content. We strive to help our clients find their unique voice & tell their story.

Our entire team at Search + Rescue is top notch, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe in transparency + authenticity in everything we do, it’s in our DNA. So, you can always be guaranteed that we will listen to you; we’ll listen to not just your words but the questions you ask, your body language and the questions your target audience is asking.

Our goal is to understand you so deeply that when we develop your strategy + plan, our aim of marketing is to reduce the need for selling. Your clients + target audience will know you care, you’ve listened to them + will understand your brand by their experience with it.

Our primary service offerings are as follows: videography, photography, e-mail marketing development + execution, social media strategy + execution, text message marketing and website development + maintenance, content creation + consultation.

In a world where content is king, and more than ever we are desperate for authenticity + transparency, let us find ways to make your story & voice heard by your customers by developing first class genuine content + help implement a strategy that will help grow your business to new levels.


This is What We Do

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Your brand is who you are. It is what identifies you to your customers and potential customers. It represents everything about your business and we will help you capture the spirit of your business to create more than just a logo.

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  • + Brand building
  • + Brand engagement
  • + Brand growth strategies
  • + Logo and graphic design
  • + Packaging
  • + Content and information design
  • + Print collateral
  • + Web collateral
  • + Digital collateral

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Marketing is an art form, an experience, and we create experiences that people will remember. It is the way you connect people to your brand. Our creative strategy utilizes every aspect of marketing to maximize your exposure and grow your profile.

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  • + Strategy development
  • + Deployment
  • + Campaign strategy and management
  • + Activation planning
  • + E-mail marketing
  • + Media buying
  • + Pay-per-click campaigns
  • + Photography
  • + Videography
  • + SEO & SEM
  • + Content creation and execution

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The future is digital and the future is now. If you want to make sure you connect with all audiences, having a digital presence is essential and we will provide you with engaging solutions that will be used across all platforms to help enhance your brand.

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  • + Website design
  • + Website development
  • + Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO and SEM)
  • + Conversation rate optimization
  • + Analytics reporting and strategy optimization

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The key to social media is simple – be social. Social Media is more than just posting cool images. We will work with you to create engaging and measured solutions that reach your audience effectively and help you to be social with your customers.

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  • + Customized social media strategy
  • + On-brand communication strategy
  • + Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • + Social Media account management
  • + Content creation and management
  • + Influencer marketing

Search + Rescue Fun Facts

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We are part-time ninjas

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We won all the participation ribbons in elementary school

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We consider ice cream to be an acceptable meal replacement

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We let the dogs out